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Jun 2

Israel National Championships - XCO

Israel Quila, Israel

Jun 2

4# Internazionali d'Italia Series - La Thuile + UCI Junior Series XCO

Italy La Thuile - Aosta, Italy

Jun 2

Swiss National Championships - XCO-XCC

Switzerland Crans Montana, Switzerland

Jun 2

Polish National Championships - XCO

Poland Biatka Tatrzanska, Poland

Jun 2

Liechtenstein National Championships - XCO-XCC

Liechtenstein Crans Montana, Liechtenstein

Jun 2

African Continental Championships - XCO-XCC

South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa

Jun 3

Greenzone Zalaegerszeg XCO Cup

Hungary Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Jun 3

4X Pro Tour Bike festival 2023

Czechia Dobřany, Czechia

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