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Jul 17

Bike Transalp

Austria Ehrwald (AUT) - Arco (ITA), Austria

Jul 17

American National Championships - XCO - XCC

United States Macungie, PA, United States

Jul 17

Transmaurienne Vanoise

France Val Cenis - Aussois, France

Jul 18

Canadian National Championships - XCC

Canada Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Jul 18

Colina Triste - XCMS

Spain Santo Domingo de Silos (Burgos) España, Spain

Jul 18

Indonesian National Championships - XCO - XCC - XCE - EDR - DHI

Indonesia Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Jul 18

Estonian National Championships - XCO-XCC-XCE

Estonia Valgehobusemäe, Estonia

Jul 18

Colombian National Championships - XCO - XCC

Colombia Ginebra, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

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